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Residential cleaners glasgow

Residential Cleaning

Are you searching for the best trusted residential Cleaners Glasgow has to offer? Well, if you are, then you are reached at the right place! We are the best cleaning service provider that will take care of your residence regularly. We have years of experience in this field and known as the cleaning experts. Our customers keep coming back to us whenever they need our service. We will ensure you to keep your home and apartments clean. We provide various cleaning service in an affordable price range.

How can we meet your needs?

We provide you with the best cleaners at your doorstep at your preferred time. We will visit your home on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. Our expert team will do everything for you to ensure your home is spotless. They will clean your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom in a limited time. We also provide emergency cleaners for your residence. We can include some more services in our plan to meet client needs including oven cleans. You can call us to hire our expert cleaners at any time whenever you need.

Our Services

Services which are included in our residential cleaning service:

  1.  Clean Bathroom area:
    In this we include the services like dusting, mopping, Cleaning floors, Shower doors cleaned, tiles cleaning, bathtub and shower cleaning, toilet area cleaning and door cleaning.
  2. Clean sleeping area:
    In this, we include services like surface cleaning, floors cleaning, hoover, dusting and mopping, doors and window cleaning and other accessories like table and cupboard cleaning.
  3. Clean living area:
    The service also includes living area cleaning in which we include door and window cleaning, mirrors, TVs, dusting sofa set and other corners of your home, mopping, floor cleaning etc.
  4. Clean kitchen area:
    The service also includes kitchen area cleaning. In this, our expert cleaners will clean your kitchen surface, water tap, clean kitchen appliances, dusting, window and door cleaning, microwave cleaning and the kitchen section cleaning etc.


We provide all the above-detailed cleaning service in a pocket-friendly budget. If you want to hire us for this service, then make a call, email us or contact us via our website and hire Vivid Shine


Phone: 015055864350
Mon-Sun: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Why not check out our residential Cost Calculator

This will give you a rough guide of costs. This is only a guide and we will provide you with a personal tailored cleaning quote that meets your needs after we speak with you as every home and clean is different.

Select your service & extras

Estimated cost per clean


Price is approximate based on your entry and assuming a standard clean. The price will be confirmed after we make contact with you and get visiblity of the work needed as the price can change depending on, size of property, condition of property and clean type required.

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